Toyota considered an 86 Shooting Brake variant

During the presentation of the Toyota FT-86 Concept Open at the Geneva Motor Show recently, the 86’s Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Tada, admitted that Toyota has considered a Shooting Brake (wagon) proposal for the sports car.

Being a dog lover himself (he has five dogs), Tetsuya said he would have preferred a dog friendly Shooting Brake model. Citing MINI as an example, the BMW owned brand now has 6 models in their line-up, all spawned from the humble front-wheel drive MINI platform.

He believes, the same can be achieved with the Toyota 86’s platform. Nevertheless, prospect of seeing other variants based on the 86 are relatively slim at the moment. Like all businesses, a business case has to stack up before even preliminary work can be undertaken.

So, if you want an 86 Shooting Brake in your Toyota showroom, let them know by writing in the comments below.

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