Tougher and Torquier 2017 Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X launched

For 2017 the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X are receiving a hefty collection of upgrades and improvements bulking the duo up for Australian driving conditions.

The new 3.0-litre in-line 4 cylinder turbo diesel was developed exclusively for the Australian market after critical feedback was provided by current Isuzu owners. One of the key improvements requested was more usable torque and Isuzu listened and responded with engineering efforts to provide 430Nm of torque while complying with Euro5 standards. The new engine’s torque curve provides more torque over a wider rev range making the engine a more capable unit for a greater variety of conditions. The engineering improvements to the engine include:

  • Improved piston design
  • Improved fuel injectors
  • Improved fuel supply pump
  • Variable Geometry System turbo-charger with intercooler
  • Larger EGR cooler
  • Improved EGR bypass valve design
  • Ceramic glow plugs
  • Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)
  • Diesel Particulate Diffuser (DPD)
  • Ultra-high pressure common rail fuel injection

The driveline has also been beefed up to handle the additional 50Nm of torque over the old engine with a newer stronger differential included and an all new selection of transmissions.

The new 6 speed automatic transmission comes with a “lock-up” torque converter designed to provide fuel efficient gear selection. The adaptive learning function alters transmission behavior to suit a variety of driving conditions such as towing, off road or highway cruising to further improve fuel efficiency and driveability. Sequential shift is available for additional control in off road environments and a slip control system lock-up clutch further adds to fuel economy improvements by eliminating unnecessary slippage at low speeds.

A new 6 speed manual is also available with close ratio gears and durable triple cone synchos, for ideal fuel efficiency a gear shift indicator on the instrument panel will suggest which gear is best for the current situation.

For 2017 the D-MAX receives a facelift with new bonnet, grill, headlights and fog light design for an overall tougher look while offering improved night visibility. For safety the LS spec D-MAX and MU-X come standard with reversing camera which is also available as an optional accessory on other specs. The full safety spec list for both vehicles includes:

  • 6 airbags, dual front, side and full length curtain
  • ABS with EBD
  • ESC
  • TCS
  • Brake Assist
  • Hill Start Assist
  • Hill Decent Control
  • Dual pre-tensioners for front seatbelts

Entertainment and creature comforts get the upgrade treatment too for the D-MAX and MU-X via a 7″ touchscreen infotainment unit on the D-MAX SX and LS-M spec and an 8″ system with satnav and eight speakers for the LS-U and LS-T spec.

4×4 models get toughened up to tackle offroad driving with the inclusion of a steel front skid plate, steel sump and transfer case guards and protection for the front of the fuel tank.

In celebration for 100 years of Isuzu automotive manufacturing, a limited run of 600 D-MAX X-RUNNER’s will be produced based on the 2017 D-MAX 4×4. New sport trim adorns the interior alongside auto climate control air con, reverse camera and rear park assist. Outside the X-RUNNER features alloy wheels, side steps, a black sports bar, under-rail tub liner and red Isuzu badging with a gunmetal grey grille.

17MY Isuzu D-MAX RRP Price ListTransRRP
List Price
4 x 2SINGLEC/CSXman$28,500$25,909
4 x 2SINGLEC/C Hi-RideSXauto$31,700$28,818
4 x 2CREWC/C Hi-RideSXauto$37,300$33,909
4 x 2SPACEUte Hi-RideSXauto$35,500$32,273
4 x 2CREWUteSXman$34,500$31,364
4 x 2CREWUte Hi-RideSXauto$38,000$34,545
4 x 2CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Uauto$43,600$39,636
4 x 4SINGLEC/C Hi-RideEXman$34,800$31,636
4 x 4SINGLEC/C Hi-RideSXman$38,000$34,545
4 x 4SINGLEC/C Hi-RideSXauto$40,100$36,455
4 x 4SPACEC/C Hi-RideSXman$40,700$37,000
4 x 4SPACEC/C Hi-RideSXauto$42,800$38,909
4 x 4CREWC/C Hi-RideSXman$43,200$39,273
4 x 4CREWC/C Hi-RideSXauto$45,300$41,182
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideSXman$43,900$39,909
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideSXauto$46,000$41,818
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Mman$46,400$42,182
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Mauto$48,500$44,091
4 x 4SPACEUte Hi-RideLS-Uman$46,200$42,000
4 x 4SPACEUte Hi-RideLS-Uauto$48,300$43,909
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Uman$48,300$43,909
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Uauto$50,400$45,818
4 x 4CREWUte Hi-RideLS-Tauto$54,200$49,273
16.5MY Isuzu MU-X RRP Price ListTransRRP
List Price
4 x 27-seat SUVLS-Mauto$41,800$38,000
4 x 27-seat SUVLS-Uauto$43,800$39,818
4 x 27-seat SUVLS-Tauto$47,500$43,182
4 x 47-seat SUVLS-Mman$47,000$42,727
4 x 47-seat SUVLS-Mauto$49,100$44,636
4 x 47-seat SUVLS-Uman$49,000$44,545
4 x 47-seat SUVLS-Uauto$51,100$46,455
4 x 47-seat SUVLS-Tauto$54,800$49,818

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