Techrules TREV – The turbine-electric hybrid supercar


Reading the title, you’re probably thinking hybrid and supercar don’t go together, well Chinese research and development company Techrules aims to change that.


The company claim their new Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle or TREV will output 768kW rocketing the driver to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Now you might be thinking, with all that power surely the range would be awful, well you’d be wrong again, Techrules claim the TREV will travel up to 2000km. To make it all even more impressive Techrules claim the TREV will travel in excess of 350km/h if it wasn’t speed limited.


So how is this all possible? Well, the TREV is essentially a range extender style hybrid; the drive system is completely electric with the exception of a micro-turbine serving as a high rpm (96,000 rpm), highly efficient generator. This micro-turbine can charge while simultaneously feeding the electric motors.


So let’s compare specs to the Tesla Model S P90D:

Tesla S P90DTechrules TREV
0-100km/h3 seconds2.5 Seconds
Range505 km2000 km
Power768 kW397 kW
Drive lineElectricHybrid
Top Speed250 km350 km/h

Provided the technology doesn’t become vaporware, this hybrid drive line could become a significant competitor, or at least until fully electric vehicles can match the range.

The project is certainly ambitious however, Techrules believe they can bring this vehicle into low-volume production within a couple of years. Going forward the company will aim to produce vehicles for the everyday commuter.

No price range has been indicated for the TREV.