Spyker supercars to eschew electrification

spyker c8 preliator front quarter

Boutique supercar maker, Spyker has confirmed electric supercars are not on the agenda for the company.

Speaking to Autocar in the UK, Spyker CEO, Victor Muller said his company will continue to develop combustion-engined manual-transmission sports cars for years to come, despite pressure from regulators for greener powertrains.

spyker c8 preliator rear quarter

According to Muller, “electric engines are not very exciting to drive”.

His sentiment is reflected in the order books for the upcoming Spyker C8 Preliator where 86% of customers have ordered a manual transmission.

spyker c8 preliator interior-1

“Forty-three of the 50 Preliator orders have been for a stick, showing that the manual gearbox is back with a vengeance,” he told the British publication.

“It shows that it’s impossible to predict where the market is going to go.”

Half of the 50 Preliators produced will be headed to the US, while the rest are destined for Europe, Asia and the Middle East.