Skoda Octavia RS dads’ ultimate RS Mega Man-Pram

Skoda has unveiled the ultimate baby pram, dubbed the ‘RS Mega Man-Pram’, as part of their marketing campaign for international launch of the Octavia RS.

The brief to Skoda’s engineers was to bring the same qualities that go into the Octavia RS to other everyday objects. The pram’s RS style makeover fits perfectly with a Skoda-commissioned survey of 1,000 dads which found that two thirds (76%) admitted they would spend more time pushing baby if they had access to a higher spec and more stylish buggy.

The result is the RS Mega Man-Pram which stands 1.5m high and comes complete with wing mirrors, hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels (bigger than the RS’), oversized brake callipers, anti-stress grips and a headlamp beam for night walks.

Tots lucky enough to be carried on board can look forward to “sports-style upholstery” and “adjustable lumbar support”.

‘The ‘RS Mega Man-Pram’ proves what you can do when you take the RS vision off road and drive it straight into the nursery.  We used it in the new Octavia RS TV ad because we wanted to bring to life the idea of enhancing the performance of everyday objects. The high tech-buggy gives a tongue in cheek sense of what you could experience if you RS’d your life,’ said Heidi Cartledge, Head of Marketing at Skoda UK.

The ŠKODA survey of British dads uncovered the most desirable additions to a high tech stroller which were reflected in the ‘RS Mega Man-Pram’ design.

The full spec includes:
* Wing mirrors
* High-spec brakes including brake lights
* High-beam headlamp
* Hydraulic suspension
* 20-inch alloy wheels
* All-terrain tyres
* Oversized brake callipers
* Anti-stress push-bar grips
* Sports-style upholstery

The all-new Skoda Octavia RS will launch in Australia next year.

You can see the new advert for the Octavia RS which features the RS Mega-Man Pram and a behind the scenes ‘making of’ short in the videos below.

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