Renault Twin’Z Concept – possible hint to next Twingo

Renault unveiled today the Twin’Z Concept, the company’s take on an electric supermini with rear-wheel drive layout.

Measuring 3,627mm long, 1,705mm wide and 1,506mm tall, with a 2,495mm wheelbase, the Twin’Z Concept is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor delivering 50kW (68hp) of power and 226Nm of torque.

Energy is supplied by four lithium-ion battery packs spaced evenly beneath the floor, providing the 980kg city car with a range of up to 161km (100 miles). It can reach a top speed of 130km/h (81 mph).

The carbon fibre bodied and tubular framed Twin’Z concept is suspended on MacPherson front, and double wishbone rear suspension. It rolls on 18-inch alloy wheels with specially developed 205/40 R18 Michelin tyres and is fitted with Ohlins dampers.

The concept is the fruit of a close collaboration between Renault and British furniture designer, Ross Lovegrove. Lovegrove was given a free hand to imagine a cabin that is truly occupant-friendly. The Twin’Z concept illustrates the many possible sources of inspiration that can drive design and represents an original approach to the city car.

The concept comes with rearward opening doors and dispenses with the B-pillar for an easier access, where to seats are extremely thin and light. The seats are wrapped in fire-retardant and waterproof see-through materials. The Twin’Z Concept’s centre console holds a tablet which functions as the car’s infotainment system.

While the Renault Twin’Z Concept is unlikely to make it to production, styling elements from the concept could possibly provide a hint of the design of the next-generation Twingo (not sold in Australia).

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