Rare metal: R32 Nissan Skyline HKS Zero-R – just one of four in the world

While the current-generation R35 Nissan GT-R may be the fastest and most technologically advanced of the revered badge, it’s far from the most exclusive. That crown goes to the Skyline R32 HKS Zero-R from the 1990s where less than a handful was built.

Made by HKS in the early 1990’s, the tuning company initially built just four units of the high-performance GT-R, but in order to meet homologation and register them as one-off models, HKS was required to crash test a number of cars.

However, HKS worked out the exercise would cost roughly $116,400 for each Zero-R built and abandoned the project.

As a result, only four units were ever built, with HKS keeping three of them in Japan, while the fourth one was purchased by the Sultan of Brunei. The latter no longer belongs to the Sultan but still resides in Brunei.

It currently runs a RB26 turbocharged straight-six engine from the R34 generation producing 441kW of power.

The HKS Zero-R can be differentiated from regular R32 Skylines by its custom rear fascia that houses a pair of split tailpipes and different diffuser. Its rear seats have also been deleted and replaced with a large fuel cell.

The tuner did built another handful of Zero-Rs in 2005 and register them as modified Skyline R32 GT-Rs in Japan, but the original quartet remained the most highly sought.

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