Random: Matte Colored Ferrari 599XX

When it comes purpose built track machine, very few cars come close to the Ferrari 599XX. Based on the 599 GTB road car, the 599XX is strictly track use only. With 730 horsepower at 9000 rpm, it is one of only two production derived sports cars in the world to break the 7 minute barrier around the Nordschleife circuit at the Nürburgring, with a super quick lap time of 6 minutes and 58.16 seconds.

Recently at the Paul Richard High Tech Test Track, two Ferrari 599XX in matte paint were spotted doing hot laps. Just by looking at the exterior of the car you could tell this is a very serious no-nonsense track weapon designed and built for only one sole purpose – speed.

The 599XX looks even more amazing in matte paint job. It matches well with the extensive carbon fiber body panels on the car. Just wish I could get my hands on the wheels in one of these.

Photos via Sevan Calians, arthomobiles.fr

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