Peugeot reveals next generation i-Cockpit


Peugeot has unveiled its vision for tomorrows driving environment. The next generation “i-Cockpit” brings with it a host of technological enhancements enabling improved comfort, safety and sensory engagement for drivers and passengers.

The new design retains all of the features included in existing i-Cockpit fitted vehicles but tweaked to provide a more rewarding and stimulating experience.


Starting with the steering wheel, the redesign aims to provide drivers with an even greater field of vision and more leg space for additional comfort. The wheel itself is now more compact and in turn offers greater manoeuvrability.

Above the instrument cluster of the current generation i-Cockpit, Peugeot engineers developed a new head-up instrumentation display featuring a 12.3” screen. The HUD is positioned directly in the driver’s line of sight providing all the critical information required without having to take eyes away from the road. Passengers will also benefit from a new 8” infotainment unit located in the centre of the dashboard.

Navigation will be available on both screens along with live traffic updates curtesy of TOM TOM. The central display also features Apple Carplay and Android Auto providing native voice recognition and audio streaming.


Interior design has been visually tweaked, with the environment intensified through lighting and an inner chromatic. Occupants will also benefit from redesigned seats with integrated multipoint massages.

Accompanying the visual elements, musical atmospheric settings provide an audible experience, while the inbuilt fragrance diffuser completes the sensory package.

The first Peugeot vehicle to adopt the new i-Cockpit will likely be the new 3008 which should debut at the Paris Motor Show in early October.

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