Official High Res Photos: Lexus LF-Gh

Lexus has finally revealed the LF-Gh ahead of it’s world debut at the upcoming New York Motor show in a few weeks time. Following our preview of the LF-Gh last week, Lexus has released some high resolution images of its grand touring hybrid saloon. Accompanying the detailed photos release is an official press release from Lexus:

In The Grand Tour­ing Tradition

With the LF-Gh, Lexus takes the idea of the grand tour­ing sedan one step fur­ther. The LF-Gh was designed to be a high-performance con­cept capa­ble of pro­vid­ing a mov­ing dri­ving expe­ri­ence, and com­fort­ably trans­port­ing mul­ti­ple occu­pants at higher speeds on long-distance dri­ves. It com­bines a strong sense of pres­ence and emo­tional appeal with func­tional attrib­utes, sup­ply­ing enhanced crea­ture com­forts plus the prac­ti­cal abil­ity to trans­port per­sonal sup­plies and lug­gage nec­es­sary for extended travel. Even while main­tain­ing serene pas­sen­ger com­fort, it is a car designed to inspire and cap­ti­vate the dri­ver as hours behind the wheel accumulate.

The bold, wide stance is con­sis­tent with the goal of inspir­ing dynamic excel­lence on the road. Fun­da­men­tally, these are the pro­por­tions of an agile, respon­sive sedan built on an advanced rear-wheel-drive plat­form. The dis­tinc­tive long green­house design pro­vides the poten­tial for func­tional pas­sen­ger ben­e­fits, such as gen­er­ous inte­rior room for all four pas­sen­gers, ample cargo area, and excel­lent for­ward visibility.

LED light­ing hints at the range and scope of new mate­ri­als, elec­tron­ics and dynamic sys­tems that endow this con­cept vehi­cle with state-of-the-art per­for­mance, dri­ving con­trol, and safety fea­tures. Over­all, the LF-Gh’s styling embod­ies the def­i­n­i­tion of what an authen­tic grand tour­ing sedan from Lexus could be.

Dra­matic and Bold, Yet Light and Agile

This newest Lexus con­cept brings together unique, dynamic pro­por­tions that lend to its advanced and aggres­sive stance. The LF-Gh is based on an archi­tec­ture that enables a spir­ited, ener­getic and ele­gant car with an uncom­monly assertive presence.

Viewed from the front, design ele­ments con­tribut­ing to the assertive effect include a boldly designed spindle-shaped grille that expresses the res­olute face of Lexus, con­tributes to radi­a­tor and brake duct func­tion, and is an essen­tial ele­ment in achiev­ing excel­lent aero­dy­namic per­for­mance. Every line in the LF-Gh com­bines form and function.

As an exam­ple, air flows in through front inlets adja­cent to the unique ver­ti­cal LED fog lamps, and exits through sim­i­lar slim rear out­lets that fol­low the curve of the tail lamps from the rear quar­ter panel. The con­cept also explores the min­i­miza­tion of tra­di­tional fea­tures such as side mir­rors and door han­dles to enhance the sleek­ness and improve aerodynamics.

The spindle-shaped grille, a pow­er­ful design ele­ment that con­tributes to the com­mand­ing pres­ence of the LF-Gh, also plays a role in air­flow con­trol and enhanc­ing sta­bil­ity. It’s a key fea­ture that inte­grates dis­tinc­tive style with engi­neer­ing func­tion­al­ity with­out sac­ri­fice in either dis­ci­pline, and will be inher­ited by future Lexus models.

An ath­letic and strong stance is achieved through the con­trast of the tapered torso and long cabin, with width-enhancing front and rear wheel arches. The form of the lower body begins from the short front over­hang, and is cross cut in the mid­dle of the rocker panel leav­ing the rear over­hang look­ing light and agile.

Dynamic front fend­ers work to cre­ate a sense of move­ment, push­ing down toward the ground to con­vey a low, crouch­ing cen­ter of grav­ity. The raised hood implies ready and pow­er­ful per­for­mance poten­tial. The rear deck has a robust, raised cen­ter deck lid that lets the air smoothly glide back­ward to flow grace­fully into the rear fend­ers. Deeply sculp­tured dynamic twin spokes stem­ming from the cen­ter of the 20-inch wheels enhance an instinc­tive sense of dri­ving appeal.

Lexus design­ers took advan­tage of increased width that pro­vides an expan­sive can­vas for dis­tinct, wrap-around LED tail lamps. The use of dis­tinc­tive tail lamps and intri­cately designed reflec­tors behind all-red lenses con­tribute to a strong visual pres­ence. Judi­cious use of slim chrome trim ele­ments in the bumper exhaust and inte­grated dif­fuser adds a sub­tle pre­mium touch.

Unique LED head­lamps and inde­pen­dent L-shaped LED day­time run­ning lights assure that the Lexus face will be like no other car on the road.

A Gra­cious Interior

Behind dark tinted glass, hints of an all-new, future Lexus inte­rior can be per­ceived. The cabin of the LF-Gh is the prod­uct of a metic­u­lous re-examination of every detail, with the aim of mak­ing an inte­rior that is driver-oriented.

The driver’s zone includes a meter panel with excel­lent vis­i­bil­ity and a con­sole with intu­itive oper­abil­ity. An all-new ana­log clock with a three-dimensional face, a con­tem­po­rary and exclu­sive time­piece suit­able to a pre­mium lux­ury brand, is a focal point of the inte­rior and rep­re­sents a shift in Lexus’ design philosophy.

Use of gen­uine, high-quality mate­ri­als and rich, finely honed details help cre­ate a dri­ver and pas­sen­ger space con­sis­tent with the idea of a full-fledged grand tour­ing sedan. It is an inte­rior designed to respond to the needs of cus­tomers who know true qual­ity, and are par­tic­u­lar about details.

Hybrid Propul­sion

Blue LED Lexus Hybrid Drive badges located on the front grille and rear trunk lid sig­nal an inten­tion to pro­vide equal mea­sures of fuel effi­ciency and per­for­mance on demand. The rear valance blends sculpted exhaust tips for a very clean, fin­ished look, min­i­miz­ing the pres­ence of the exhaust sys­tem to sug­gest that the flow of exhaust gas will be sub­stan­tially reduced. Taken as a whole, the treat­ment empha­sizes that this hybrid con­cept is designed to com­ply with the excep­tion­ally low emis­sions require­ments of the future.

The LF-Gh design sup­ports engi­neer­ing that changes cur­rent notions of power, effi­ciency, safety, and envi­ron­men­tal con­sid­er­a­tion in a pre­mium lux­ury car.

“Although only a con­cept, we hope the LF-Gh will res­onate with our cus­tomers world­wide, and com­mu­ni­cate our inten­tion to once again advance ideas about the face of Lexus lux­ury in the years to come,” said Matsumoto.

Lexus LF-Gh Con­cept Specifications

Propul­sion: Lexus Hybrid Drive
Length: 192.5 inches
Width: 73.6 inches
Height: 57.1 inches
Wheel­base: 112.2 inches
Tire size (Front): P245/35R20
Tire size (Rear): P285/30R20

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