Nissan wants GT-R to move upmarket

2016 Nissan GT-R 45th Anniversary Gold Edition

Nissan has revealed the all-new GT-R won’t be coming anytime soon as the current R35 still has “some other objectives” to hit first.

Speaking to Top Gear, GT-R programme manager, Hiroshi Tamura said: “I want to make the GT-R more premiere… not just fancy, but real premium. Quality.”

“Handling quality, ride and comfort quality, NVH quality, some high quality in the body construction…we still have big opportunities here,” he added.

Tamura-san said the drive for a more ‘premium’ feel only started two years ago, and that his predecessor, Mizuno-san – father of the GT-R – concentrated on the performance side of the car (the R zone). Now that he has taken over, he wants to focus on GT zone.

Tamura said the GT-R Egoist Edition is a good example of what we can expect. Introduced in 2010, that model featured premium leather upholstery, a “Wajima Maki-e” steering wheel emblem and a Bose surround sound system.

Source: Top Gear

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