Nissan partners with Microsoft to develop next-gen telematics system

Nissan choose Microsoft azure for telematics in 2016, partnership infinity

Nissan and Microsoft have announced a partnership today that will upgrade all future Nissan Leaf and Infinity models with their newly developed Connect Telematics System (CTS). The new telematics system will be powered by Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution.

CTS aims to increase interactivity between drivers and the vehicle by providing remote control facilities via smart phones. It will also provide additional ways to enhance occupants safety.

Nissan CTS is coupled to Azure, allowing a remote connection to the vehicle. With CTS, Nissan LEAF drivers can perform a range of functions on their car, while not even inside. These include using mobile phones to turn on and adjust climate controls and set charging functions remotely even when the vehicle is powered down. An on-board timer can also be programmed to start the charging event.

With the standard Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant for all Nissan LEAF around the world, drivers can manage incoming text messages via voice control without taking their hands from the wheel or their eyes off the road. Drivers are alerted to an incoming text and, after initiating the system, can hear the text read out loud and respond by voice, or via the steering wheel switches using preset answers such as “driving, can’t text,” “on my way,” “running late,” “okay.” These experiences are powered by the back-end connectivity and support of Azure.

The partnership allows Nissan to tap into Microsoft’s deep expertise across critical areas such as data management and analytics. Azure offers Nissan the scale and commitment to security it needs to support its global operations. The expansive global footprint of Microsoft’s data-centers provide the coverage to support Nissan’s vehicles anywhere they are in the world.

Azure will also partner up with Volvo, Harman and IAV to further create ways for drivers to interact with their vehicles. A strong focus on analytics will further improve road safety.

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