Nissan GT-R races woman hurdler on Top Gear [video]

Nissan GT-R races woman hurdler on Top Gear <div %5Bvideo%5D

Remember when Top Gear raced a bunch or airport support vehicles around the race track to find out which one is the fastest? Or the race between a between a pram and a gofer? Ok, I made up the last one but the point is they are all, er, pointless.

Well, on a recent trip to Australia for the Top Gear Festival in Sydney, Jeremy Clarkson is at it again. This time his burning desire was to answer this question: Which is faster? A Nissan GT-R or a woman?

So, with the help of Australian hurdler and model, Michell Jenneke, the Top Gear host set out to find the answer. The race involved both car and runner sprinting to a 50 meter mark before reversing back to the starting line.

With the stage set, hit play in the video below to find out who won!

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