Next-gen Nissan 400Z rendered

The upcoming Nissan 400Z was teased in a recent Nissan Next corporate video (below), offering a glimpse of the highly anticipated sports car.

While we wait for the first all-new Z car to debut in 14 years, a realistic rendering of the sports car has surfaced on the internet. Envisioned by Japanese publication Clicccar, the rendering follows closely of the prototype that was teased in the video.

The silhouette is immediately recognisable as a Z sports car, with the low nose and swept back headlights staying faithful to what we saw in the teaser video. The rear features powerful haunches, amplifying the Z’s rear-wheel drive attribute.

The new 400Z will reportedly pump out 400 HP (298kW) of power courtesy of a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 donated by the Infiniti Q60.

It is good for a 0-100km/h of 5.0 seconds in the Q60 but since the 400Z will be lighter, it is expected to be quicker.

Besides donating its powertrain, the Q60 will also share its rear-drive platform with the new Z sports car, as Nissan cannot justify developing an all-new architecture for what is a relatively low volume vehicle.

The new 400Z is expected to premiere in mid 2021.

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