New HSV Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI)

Joan Rivers’ done it, Kylie has admitted doing it; Demi Moore has definitely had some. Like all beautiful things, a little nip and tuck through mid life is essential in keeping fresh and up to date.

Following the launch of the Holden VE Series 2 (Pontiac G8 in the US), the Australian car maker’s performance division HSV (Holden Special Vehicle) will be launching a slightly updated version of its E-Series.  This update is more about the interior than exterior, which was recently refreshed.

Like its donor car, the heart of the upgrade is a touch screen driver interface system called Enhanced Driver Interface or EDI in HSV speak.

Those familiar with driving simulation games on PS3 and X-box will find the EDI quite intuitive and easy to use.

The system is not dissimilar to the excellent driver interface on the Nissan GT-R. There are 11 different categories of information: Race, Driver, Stopwatch, Data Logging, Stability, G Force, Dynamics, MRC, Gauges, Bi-Modal Exhaust, and Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA). Unlike the GT-R though, this system was not developed by the crew that made Gran Turismo, but by Motec. The graphics was developed in-house by HSV engineers.  I must admit though the graphics aren’t as impressive as the one on the GT-R, it looks rather low rent, like it was being done by a first year graphics design student.

Functionality wise, under Race, you get most Australian Race Tracks like Bathurst preloaded. The system uses GPS to track the driver’s lap time, fastest lap and lap gain and loss just like an F1 drive would. If tracking your car is not your cup of tea, there is also a built in Stop Watch (an option which costs thousands of dollars on a 911!) to tell you how long it takes to commute from home to work.

The Driver page provides such information as RPM, gear selection, acceleration and brake positions.

If you open the G-force page, you will be presented with longitudinal and lateral G-force information, much like the GT-R.

Similarly, the Dynamics page uses sensors to provide the driver with understeer and oversteer information.

An area where you can customise the looks is under Gauges. Here, the driver can choose which gauge to display for example Instant Fuel Economy, Torque, Power, External Temperature, Elevation and Exhaust Pressure on car optioned with Bi-Modal Exhaust system.

The Bi-Modal page also allows the driver engage the system choosing from normal, idle on and off.

Another cool feature now available on the E-Series is Side Blind Zone Alert. This is handy on a big car like the E-Series.

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