Modified Ford GT sets record for 455.82km/h top speed


A custom built Ford GT supercar has set the Guinness World Record for top speed in a street-legal car by hitting 455.82km/h (283.232mph) in 1,609 metre (5,280 feet).

The extraordinary feat was accomplished at Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre on NASA’s Shuttle Landing Facility runway, with the time measured by sports time keeper, Tag Heuer.

Created by Performance Power Racing, the heavily modified street-legal Ford GT features twin-turbos and a host of components made from “pandalloy” – an aerospace aluminium alloy developed in collaboration with Pratt & Whitney.

The material is perfect for race applications thanks to its light weight, high strength and temperature resistance characteristics.

The Ford GT’s modified engine pumps out a colossal 1,267kW (1,700hp)!

Check out the video below of this amazing race.

Source: Performance Power Racing

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