Lexus RC F has a heartbeat [video]


Lexus Australia has showcased the world’s first vehicle with a heartbeat display on its exterior body.

Developed to demonstrate the company’s innovative technology and the connection between man and machine, Lexus Australia collaborated with creative agency M&C Saatchi to produce a one-off RC F sports coupe that integrates a series of technologies to display a person’s heartbeat in the vehicle’s bodywork.

The first stage of the system works by transmitting the heartbeat of the driver from a heart rate monitor to a bespoke electrical system in the Lexus RC F.

The on-board system captures and processes the data before sending an electric charge through the RC F’s body panels that are painted in electroluminescent paint developed by US-based specialist Lumilor. This innovative paint finish glows when the electrical charge runs through it and displays the driver’s heartbeat via a real-time animation sequence.

“The aim was to build a car that’s connected to the driver and displays their heartbeat in real-time. Bringing the thrill of driving the Lexus RC-F to life,” said Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director of Tricky Jigsaw and M&C Saatchi Australia. He added that it took about six months to build.


Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said the heartbeat car comes in the wake of other innovative brand activities in 2015 and an ongoing commitment to the development of high performance Lexus F vehicles.

“This latest concept follows other innovative projects we have developed this year including smart outdoor advertising billboards that respond to the car you’re driving and our fantastic new Lexus hoverboard,” Hanley said.

“These activities underline the new, bold way we are behaving across all areas of the Lexus business.

“The heartbeat car also links to another key part of our brand – high performance vehicles – via our F brand, and the emotional response a person gets from a machine like the RC F coupe,” Hanley added.

Hanley also emphasised that Lexus’ dedication to luxury would not waver.

“No matter the innovative technology we display and bring to market, our commitment to delivering the ultimate luxury customer experience remains the foundation of the Lexus brand,” Hanley said.

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