Lexus LC Coupe updated with transmission and chassis tweaks

The Lexus LC Coupe has been updated for 2020 with transmission and chassis tweaks for sharper handling, improved responsiveness and a smoother ride. Lexus Australia has confirmed the arrival of the updated LC Coupe in June, followed by the first LC Convertible late this year.

The 351kW 5.0-litre normally aspirated V8 petrol engine in the LC 500, and the 3.5-litre V6 multi stage hybrid in the LC 500h, both benefit from revised transmission set-ups to maximise responsiveness for the driver.

Enhanced shift algorithms for the LC 500’s 10-speed automatic transmission target gear upshifts at higher engine speed when 60-70 per cent throttle is applied, to deliver immediate performance.

The LC 500h’s multi stage hybrid transmission is now able to downshift to second gear (previously third) when braking in Sport S and Sport S+ modes to realise more immediate acceleration out of a corner during spirited driving.

Further leveraging the rigidity of the LC’s GA-L rear-wheel-drive platform and multi-link suspension set-up, Lexus engineers have pored over chassis components to reduce weight, enhance ride comfort and sharpen handling.

The front lower control arm of the LC is now produced from 1.65kg-lighter forged aluminium to help reduce unsprung mass and – together with stronger instrument-cowl bracing – further improve steering feel.

The shape of the second front control arm has also been revised, in concert with an altered front rebound spring rate and an optimised stabiliser bar, to help further reduce the transmission of road-surface imperfections into the cabin.

Front and rear coil springs have been strengthened and the shock-absorber length for the standard Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) has been modified, with new control-software parameters providing improved control.

Rear roll rigidity distribution has also been revised, making it easier for the driver to feel the vehicle’s posture through corners and assist with more accurate line-tracing capability.

The rear suspension further benefits from revised spring rates, a hollow stabiliser bar and 0.7kg-lighter 21-inch alloy wheels. The LC 500 also debuts a Yamaha developed performance damper that better absorbs twists and quells body vibrations during spirited driving.

Newly standard on LC is Active Cornering Assist (ACA), which is a torque vectoring system that utilises the vehicle stability control to provide subtle braking of the inside wheels during high speed cornering to improve turn in.

This is replaced on the Enhancement Pack option for LC with updated Lexus Dynamic Handling (LDH), which benefits from revised tuning of the front steering and the addition of rear-wheel steering to improve high-speed stability and enable more nimble behaviour at lower speeds.

Complementing these dynamic changes to the LC, a steering-wheel heater is now standard along with an ‘easy access’ front seat slide function to further aid front seat ingress and egress.

The updated LC Coupe will also feature two new paint colours, Carnelian and the permanent availability of Khaki Metal, and two new interior options: Flare Red with black and red trim and Manhattan Henge with black and sunset-coloured trim.

Pricing and full specifications for the LC Coupe and LC Convertible will be announced closer to their launch dates.

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