Lexus GS F and RC F upgraded with Adaptive Variable Suspension

2016 lexus gs f Rolling front

The Lexus GS F sports sedan and RC F sports coupe have been upgraded with the brand’s latest driver-selectable Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS).

The AVS uses a range of sensors, including G force, yaw-rate and speed sensors to monitor and control the damping force at all four wheels simultaneously based on driver preferences and road-surface conditions.

Lexus says its latest AVS iteration offers 30 levels of damping force, switching automatically as required to ensure precise suspension control on all road surfaces.

2016 lexus gs f front wheel

When cornering, it applies increased damping force in response to steering input, yaw rate and vehicle attitude, ensuring exceptional handling and reduced body roll through the turn while also providing a smooth, comfortable ride.

On rough surfaces, it reduces damper force to help absorb vibrations to maintain a high level of comfort.

The full AVS package has seven damping-force control strategies, including anti-dive and anti-squat.

The AVS works with the vehicle’s safety systems for ideal composure, helping suppress body pitching under heavy braking or hard acceleration.

2015 Lexus RC F side

Lexus has complemented the increased suspension control AVS offers by linking it with both the Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) safety technology and Drive Mode Select control.

In ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT S modes, the Drive Mode Select system prioritises ride comfort while contributing to greater handling stability, based on driving operations and the road surface conditions.

In SPORT S+ mode, the focus of the damping-force control is handling stability.

In addition, the SPORT S+ mode automatically switches the powertrain, electric power-assisted steering and VDIM to Sport mode.

2015 Lexus RC F tailpipes

The meter graphics display in both F Line vehicles has been updated to show the selection of Sports AVS.

Lexus GS F and RC F share a 5.0-litre quad-cam V8 delivering 351kW of power through an eight-speed Sports Direct Shift transmission.

Lexus has also upgraded the dynamics of the RC 350 Luxury and Sports Luxury, adding a front performance body damper previously exclusive to RC 350 F Sport.

In addition to the suspension upgrade, Lexus has introduced a new grey exterior colour for the GS F and a new black paint for the RC F. The RC F also has a new machine-finished alloy wheel with seven pairs of spokes.

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Price (Excluding on-road costs):

RC F $138,240
RC FCarbon$158,837
RC 350Luxury$68,390
RC 350F Sport$77,240
RC 350Sports Luxury$88,280
Premium paint: $1,500
GS FAlcantara trim$153,540
GS FSemi-aniline trim$156,500

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