Lamborghini Aventador crashed – splits in half

Lamborghini Aventador crash in New York

Not a good way to start a Monday, but this must be one of the worst supercar crashes we’ve ever comes across. It’s more heart-breaking when it involved a $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

The accident happened in Brooklin, New York over the weekend. The force of the impact was so great it split the Aventador in half! We have no details of the crash; neither do we know the conditions of the driver and passenger.

However, the Aventador’s passenger cell, made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer seemed to have held up remarkably well, holding up its shape and supplemented by the airbags to protect the occupants.

Lamborghini Aventador crash in New York-1

The impact must have been great as the Lamborghini Aventador is built on a super-rigid structure. Its body-in-white torsional rigidity is a 150 per cent greater than that of the Murcielago. Some of you may also notice that the lights of the car are still on after the crash. This is normal as usually the computer will disconnect certain parts of the electrical circuit after an accident, but lights and hazard lights are usually turned on so the wreck is visible to on coming traffic.

We certainly hope the occupants of the doomed supercar aren’t too badly injured.

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