Koenigsegg rules out foray into high-performance SUV

Koenigsegg Regera front-1

Koenigsegg has confirmed it won’t be jumping on the luxury, high-performance SUV bandwagon.

Speaking to Top Gear at the Geneva Motor Show recently, Koenigsegg boss and founder, Christian von Koenigsegg told the publication the vehicles from this segment are “fundamentally flawed” and the company won’t be building one.

He further said Koenigsegg has the capability to modify its supercar chassis into one suitable for a SUV, but he admitted he isn’t a fan of SUVs: “To make our carbon chassis into an SUV, you’d have to stretch that chassis. You’d keep the front and rear ends as they are, go more extreme on the thickness of the honeycomb, you’d put a carbon cage structure up top… technically I don’t see a big issue with it.”

“It’d be a pretty wild SUV because you’d have a big tunnel in the centre, huge sills, bucket seats. I think it could be a thing the market could accept. But I’m just not a fan of SUVs. To me, they are fundamentally flawed. Sure, we could sell them, but I don’t want to,” he was quoted as saying.

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