Honda offers carbon fibre accessories for Civic Type R

The already racy Civic Type R can now be made even more special with a host of genuine carbon fibre components from Honda.

The ‘Type R’ ethos has always been about minimising weight and maximising performance potential, and this new Australian-specific accessory range for Civic Type R maintains those defining characteristics.

Available directly from Honda dealerships and covered by factory warranty, each accessory is only offered in low volumes to ensure ultimate exclusivity and individuality, which goes to explain their high price tags. Honda asks $1,599 for a set of door sill garnishes, while a set of white lightweight forged wheels will set you back a whopping $13,999.

The complete range includes the aforementioned forged alloy wheels, rear spoiler, rear diffuser and side mirror caps. A range of carbon fibre trim pieces for the interior can also be specified to complement the exterior carbon fibre body panels.

Honda says the carbon fibre accessories have been manufactured to precise, exacting standards, despite the complicated and labour intensive methods involved in crafting the lightweight material. Each of the bespoke carbon fibre components are formed through the same autoclave moulding technique used by aerospace companies for aircraft manufacturing, which results in a highest quality finish, according to Honda.

White 20-inch Forged Aluminium Alloy Wheels

The standout item in the Civic Type R accessory range is the 20-inch forged alloy wheels. Resplendent in a high-contrast white finish with distinctive red centre cap, the new wheels maintain a strong connection with the origins of the ‘Type R’ brand, including the DC2 Integra Type R that was the first Type R model officially brought to Australia in 1999.

Forged rather than cast, the wheels have a strength and lightness advantage that delivers a significant weight saving of 2.1kg per wheel, which in turn reduces unsprung mass to improve suspension response for enhanced handling and grip.

Honda says The ‘forging scraping process’ used to manufacture the wheels has enabled a delicate, sword-like spoke design that closely resembles the racing wheel fitted to the NSX-GT race car competing in the SuperGT GT500 Series.

Carbon Fibre Wing Spoiler

A direct replacement for one of the most distinctive elements of the Civic Type R, the centre blade of the rear wing is constructed from genuine carbon fibre and showcases the unique red weave integrated into the surface carbon layer, which reflects the existing red accents and highlights throughout the vehicle that typify the iconic Type R brand.

Carbon Fibre Garnishes

Utilising the same material specification, quality and precision manufacturing as the wing spoiler, the carbon fibre rear diffuser, mirror caps and interior garnishes are all designed to enhance the exclusivity of each Civic Type R as the owner desires. The carbon fibre interior package extends to the dashboard, door trims and side sill panels, along with a surround for the solid aluminium gear shift knob, which come together to deliver a race car-like cabin ambience.

Honda Civic Type R carbon fibre accessories

AccessoryList Price
20-inch White Forged Alloy Wheels$13,999 per set of four
Carbon Fibre Wing Spoiler$2,899
Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser Garnish$1,999
Carbon Fibre Mirror Cap Garnishes$1,299
Carbon Fibre Interior Trim Garnishes$1,699
Carbon Fibre Door Sill Garnishes$1,599

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