HAVAL previews WEY X fully autonomous pure EV SUV

HAVAL has previewed its fully autonomous, pure EV SUV ahead of its debut at the Auto China Beijing on April 25.

Branded under the company’s luxury arm, the WEY X is said to offer Level 5 autonomous driving, meaning the car’s artificial intelligence system is capable of mirroring a highly trained human driver in various situations, including dirt roads and bad weather.

The WEY X follows in the footsteps of WEY’s other pure EV, the XEV concept unveiled at the 2017 International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt.

According to the brand, the 2018 iteration blends seamlessly with existing vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology in a fully integrated transportation network. Combined with the latest autonomous driving expertise, the WEY X identifies and predicts potential risks in advance to minimise the potential for accidents.

Engineers have replaced traditional keys and buttons in the WEY X with a full biometric identification system. Each registered user can create their own individual set-up, including seats, music preferences and preferred navigation information.

Inside, the digital instrument and infotainment screen span the entire width of the dash and even includes a hologram of, presumably, the car’s digital assistant.

More details of the WEY X will be revealed at Auto China Beijing, which runs from April 25 to May 4.

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