Genesis X Concept previews brand’s EV future

Genesis has dropped the cover off a stunning new flagship coupe that will potentially rival the likes of Mercedes-Benz S Class coupe, BMW 8 Series and Lexus LC.

Unveiled in the form of an EV-based high-performance Gran Tourer, the Genesis X Concept – as its name suggests – is just a concept for now, but the level of detail suggests a production model may not be too far away. Showcasing all the hallmarks of Genesis design, the X Concept boasts the brand’s signature Two Lines theme, which is evident on the car’s headlight and taillight design.

The front of the Genesis X features a low yet broad silhouette, while the rear presents a sleek and wide image emphasised by those powerful rear haunches. Draped in distinctive Lençóis Blue hue, the Genesis X Concept is simply a thing to behold, seamlessly fusing elegance, simplicity and sophistication.

The sensuous styling carries through to the Genesis X Concept’s interior, which features a driver-oriented design with a cockpit that surrounds the driver with all operating systems and displays. Differentiation of space by colouring the driver’s seat scotch brown and the passenger seat an ocean wave green blue helps emphasise the concept car’s unique design.

Technical specification of the Genesis X Concept’s full electric powertrain remains scarce, though Genesis is keen to maintain driving excitement and performance while delivering zero emissions. If green lighted for production, expect the X Concept to afford at least 600km of full electric range, while offering a 0-100km/h sprint time of under 5 seconds.

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