Ferrari F12tdf not exclusive enough? Now you can buy it in full carbon fibre

Vitesse-AuDessus Loubutin-Limited Edition-side

If you should happen to live in a land of luxury where money grows on trees, then you might want to take a look at what designer Vitesse AuDessus has in store.

Their latest creation takes the brand new Ferrari F12tdf, of which only 799 are produced, and converts every panel of its body to carbon fibre. If exclusivity is your game, then this carbon model – dubbed the Loubutin Limited Edition – is what you’ll want; only 5 units will be produced and orders are now open .

Vitesse offers a basic carbon package, which includes only exterior panels with a red tint in the carbon. Optionally, customers can opt for carbon to be applied to the engine bay and cabin. Even the wheels have been made out of carbon fibre, bringing a significant total weight reduction of 159kg over the “regular” F12tdf. Vitesse will offer a 5 year warranty with all its cars and future owners will be able to change back to the stock look by changing the panels over.

No price has been provided as yet, however based on existing carbon fibre body replacements on the market, we can expect it to be upwards of $100,000.

The designer also offers this treatment to other supercars including the Ferrari FXX K, LaFerrari, 599XX Evo and Koenigsegg CCX.

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