Drive PX 2 is Nvidia’s supercomputer for autonomous vehicles


The race to deliver the worlds first autonomous vehicle is on and it appears NVIDIA is in the running to provide the processing power needed to drive these cars.

Drive PX 2 will aim to become the processing epicenter of up and coming autonomous vehicles. Its 12 CPU cores and two next-generation Pascal GPU’s will provide 8 terraflops of processing power. This system will process all sensor data as well as provide camera image processing in real time; a necessity for Autonomous vehicles to function safely.

Nvidia’s Drive PX is essentially a supercomputer in a small form factor. It has an “unprecedented amount of processing power” and as such requires a hefty liquid-cooling system to keep the GPU’s in spec.


The system can process up to 12 video streams, Lidar (ultrasonic radar), ultrasonic rangefinders, GPS and virtually any other sensor available. All this data will be processed in real time and merged to accurately determine the world around it.

Nvidia is offering their ‘DriveWorks’ suite which will accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles. Volvo is set to be the first automaker to integrate Drive PX into their vehicle, with most others to follow suit.