Cadillac may re-entre Australia. Yet again!

2014 Cadillac CTS-1

Cadillac may be coming back to Australia. Yet again. With GM’s restructuring of its Australian business, and the recent onslaught of stylish, desirable products like the ATS (below), CTS (above)  and the Holden Volt-based ELR (last image) from Cadillac, management is looking at reintroducing the brand to Australia.

Cadillac almost made it to Australia 5 years ago when the GFC hit and plans were shelved. According to a recent report, General Motor thinks Cadillac can fill the performance void left by Holden after its factory closure in 2017. Although Holden has confirmed it will continue to sell the Commodore, which will switch to front wheel drive, fate of performance models such as the V8 SS is still unknown.

2014 Cadillac ATS

When asked if Cadillac could provide a model to replace Holden’s performance models, Cadillac’s marketing boss, Uwe Ellinghaus said it is something he can envisage very well and that it is “exactly the spot of the market” that he has in mind in Australia.

While this may be good news to Holden fans, Uwe said that they should not expect Commodore prices if Cadillac does entre the market. He said that he sees the American brand as almost on the same level as BMW M or Mercedes AMG.

 Cadillac ELR