Bugatti Galibier Receives Greenlight For Production

If you are the sharing kind who loves to carry more than your partner for a quick spin in the country, or if you have a kid and a dog to haul along but prefer to do it in something very fast and stylish that is not a 4WD, you may rejoice now!

Rumour mills have it that the Volkswagen Group has approved French based Bugatti to put what will probably be the fastest saloon in the world into production. Yes, we are talking about the Bugatti Galibier!

It will share Bugatti’s famous supercar, the Veyron’s engine – 8-litre W16 engine with quad turbos, generating a mind boggling 736kw (1000hp). The Galibier is expected to sprint to a top speed of 350km/h.

It is still too early to speculate on the exact specifications but some have suggested that the super-saloon may be detuned to about 800hp to preserve the Veyron’s position in the supercar league table.

Check out some of the Galibier’s pictures below, unveiled in concept form couple of years ago.

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