BMW M3 Touring and M4 Shooting Brake anyone?

The BMW M3 and M4 only come in sedan and coupe form respectively. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but what if they were made more practical with a wagon or shooting brake body?

Automotive designer Sugar Design shows us just that. The BMW M3 is given a heap more boot space with the wagon boot design – or touring in BMW speak. The M4 on the other hand, gets a macho yet sleek shooting brake transformation.

Both cars retain their original – and controversial – front fascia with the infamous enlarged BMW kidney grille.

Adding to their aggressive stance, both the M3 Touring and M4 Shooting Brake are envisioned with large 20-inch wheels that sit perfectly flush with the fenders.

While these are all just renderings for now, they look superbly realistic. But more than that, we absolutely dig the cool looks of the M3 Touring and M4 Shooting Brake.

Source: Sugar Design via Instagram

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