BMW and Lexus to develop new flagship supercar?


In case you haven’t already know, BMW and Toyota signed an agreement in late 2013 to jointly develop a new platform for a sports car, which will be shared by the two companies. What we do not know, as yet, is exactly what kind of sports car the two automobile heavyweights are planning to build.

BMW reportedly had drafted six different design proposals, including front and mid engine layouts. The company have yet to confirm which platform will be chosen for the final project.

Toyota has also indicated that despite sharing the same platform with BMW, its version will have a different exterior design and interior layout as well as its own powertrain.

Meanwhile, Japanese magazine Best Car remains convinced that Toyota’s luxury arm, Lexus, is working with Munich on a new generation of supercar, one which combines the innovation of the recently launched BMW i8, and the technological edge of the Lexus LFA. The report also mentioned that the new supercar could be the new LFA.

Along with the report, the publication has also produced a rendering of what the end result of the collaboration could look like. Borrowing styling cues from the Lexus LFA, RC F and BMW i8, with a hint of Alfa Romeo 4C at the rear fender, the rendering is not a bad effort.

TMC and the BMW Group share the same strategic vision of future sustainable mobility. With two of the biggest car makers in the world pooling their expertise and resources together, the plan mid-size sports car is bound to threaten many rivals.

Source: BestCar

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