BMW 9-Series Concept allegedly headed for Beijing Auto Show

BMW Gran Lusso Coupé 01

It seems that BMW Group is determined in filling every gap in their numerical nomenclature. Just last week, the Bavarian-based automaker announced the flag-ship X7 SUV, now reports from Germany alleged that a new 9-Series Concept (BMW Gran Lusso Concept show above) will be unveiled at this month’s Beijing Auto Show.

According to the report, which cites BMW Group board circles as the source, the 9-Series will be built on a modified version of the next 7-Series architecture. No further information was revealed but based on BMW’s current naming convention, odd numbers are reserved for sedans and wagons, while even numbers for coupes and convertibles.

Therefore, the 9-Series is likely to be a more luxurious sedan that will sit on top of the company’s 7-Series.

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