Aston Martin Valkyrie promises game changing F1-inspired experience

It’s already been 12 months since the unveiling of what is quite possibly the most exciting collaborative automotive project of the decade – the Aston Martin Valkyrie formerly dubbed the AM-RB 001. Even if you have a spare 5 million stowed away, the chances of exchanging that for your very own Valkyrie are incredibly slim with the vehicle garnering immense interest from potential customers.

Speaking with ForceGT at the launch of the Aston Martin Vantage S Red Bull Edition, Patrik Nillson, President of Aston Martin Lagonda Asia Pacific mentioned: “When this was announced a year ago here in Melbourne, the collaboration (with Red Bull Racing), immediately on that night we started getting the phone calls from famous race drivers.

Aston Martin has been inundated with over 600 serious expressions of interest for the limited run of 150 cars, 25 of which will be hardcore track going models that no doubt piqued the interest of some former Formula 1 drivers.

It’s a car that they also see the legacy that Adrian Newey is leaving behind, this is a pure Adrian Newey car and they’ve probably driven Adrian Newey Formula 1 cars, but this is the first time it’s unconstrained,” said Nillson.

Unlike the highly regulated Formula 1 cars that Adrian Newey has been involved in developing throughout his career, the Valkyrie won’t be limited by all the design restrictions required for Formula 1.

Powered by a V12 hybrid powertrain delivering around 745kW (1000hp) and weighing in at less than 1000kg, the Valkyrie is set to deliver performance that is currently unheard of in a road going production car. Expect cornering forces in excess of 3g and 4g for the track only version.

Developing the feel and handling of the car at the limits will require some serious talent and that responsibility falls to none other than our very own Daniel Ricciardo, who’s more than familiar with Adrian Newey’s work.

Keeping in line with the mantra of producing beautiful cars, the Valkyrie benefits technically from Adrian Newey’s expertise and visually from Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman.

Marek aluded to the fact that we are gravitating towards the shapes and designs that are in nature, the Valkyrie is basically designed by the fact of how aerodynamics works. It cannot be more in tune with whatever shape is in nature. That in itself will make the car just beautiful“, said Nillson.

While the select handful of current and former professional drivers that may eventually own a Valkyrie after its 2019 launch should be able to handle the car just fine, other customers will be provided with a customised one on one driver training program to get them up to speed and unleash the full potential of the Valkyrie. With so much of its driving performance aerodynamically derived, the Valkyrie is set to offer a driving experience like nothing else in the Aston Martin lineup.

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