A world first: Tesla Model S stretch limo [video]


The Custom limo manufacturer “Big-Limos”, are working on their greatest project yet; a “stretched Tesla Model S limousine”.

We only have minimal details however, from the photos its not hard to tell what’s happening; the vehicle has been split in two, the rails lengthened which in turn increased the wheelbase, a new floor pan fabricated along with a new roof and paneling between the front and rear doors.


Having the extended wheelbase would give Big-Limos the opportunity to increase the battery capacity. Adding cells would increase the limos range, however the lack of documentation surrounding the hardware would make this route potentially time and cost prohibitive.


Unfortunately, we don’t have an update on where the vehicle is at, their latest Instagram photos suggest the Model S has in fact had its chassis successfully lengthened and paneling fabricated.

Along with the photos, Big-Limos have provided a YouTube video of the cutting process. Enthusiasts might want to look away now.


Source: biglimos

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