2024 Toyota HiLux could look like this

With the new Ford Ranger outselling the aging Toyota HiLux in key global markets, Toyota is in desperate need to get the next-generation HiLux on to market. And it seems the new pick-up is not too far away. Development is already well into its mature stage, and the closely related US-market Toyota Tacoma is speculated to debut in 2024. The new HiLux launch could follow soon after.

As Toyota’s best-selling model Down Under, we can expect the Japanese company to maintain the nameplate’s competitive edge with a host of new tech stuffed into the new HiLux. Amongst them could be a new turbo diesel engine, and possibly also a new turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine with twin electric motors, which if eventuated will give rise to the first ever hybrid HiLux.

To rival the Ranger’s advanced interior, the new HiLux is expected to score a completely new cockpit, with high-spec models to feature a digital instrumentation cluster and a large 14-inch infotainment touchscreen.

While the new Tacoma is currently our best bet on how the next HiLux will look like, automotive renderer Kleber Silva thinks it may look like the renderings shown here. Combining the front portion of a LandCruiser 300 with a pick-up body isn’t actually a bad idea.

Via Kleber Silva

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