2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Coupe lives on – in the digital realm

Mitsubishi used to produce some excitingly thrilling cars, including the one that we all love and miss, the Lancer Evolution, as well as the Eclipse coupe, which has now morphed into another SUV.

Feeling our pain, industrial designer Enoch Gonzales has put his maverick design skills to work and given us what the Mitsubishi Eclipse should have been – a sexy, low slung coupe!

Heavily inspired by the 2nd-generation Eclipse Coupe from the 90’s, the 2020 Eclipse rendering carries the car’s signature silhouette but brought into the 21st century with softer contemporary lines. Some details were influenced by the Mitsubishi Concept RA from 2008, while Enoch has also put a subtle “dynamic shield” on the front bumper to bring in the family connection with the current Mitsubishi range.

The Eclipse Coupe was sold mainly in the U.S., some Middle East as well as as Asian countries from 1989 to 2011. It was powered by either a 121kW 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine or a 196kW 3.8-litre V6.

Like the Eclipse, it is alleged the Evolution moniker may also be resurrected in the future as a, you guessed it, SUV.

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