2020 Land Rover Defender leaked as first teaser drops

Land Rover has given a first glimpse of the new Defender ahead of its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 10 September.

The road to reveal for Land Rover’s most capable and durable 4×4 started in one of the most land-locked locations on earth, among the towering 300m canyons of the Valley of the Castles in the remote Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan.

Technical specifications for the Mercedes G-Class rival remain tightly wrapped, though a leak image has surfaced on Instagram showing the iconic off-roader virtually undisguised.

The new styling is a far cry from the boxy design that has shaped all previous generation Defenders, with the new look appearing less utilitarian and more sculpted. It’s a bid by Land Rover to push the Defender more upmarket to rival the G-Class.

Full details of the new 2020 Land Rover Defender will be revealed at Frankfurt.

Source: shedlocktwothousand

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