2016 Rally Legend ends in tragic crash that kills a spectator


The 2016 Rally Legend came to a sad and tragic end after a spectator was killed at a special stage in San Marino, Italy.

The accident happened early this morning when the #44 Renault Clio Maxi of Bonaso Enrico and Palazzi Alice went off the road at high speed and hit the protective bales before smashing into the spectators. Fifty-seven year old Henry Anselminio died on impact, while eight others were injured.

Rally organisers cancelled the special stage immediately, which ultimately marked the end of rally. They also cancelled the award ceremony as a sign of respect.

The Rally Legend is one of the most spectacular events on the motorsport calendar, featuring not only the latest cars and competitors, but also rally cars from the golden age. This year, celebrated rally cars such as the Toyota Celica and Audi Quattro graced the event.

Main image source: Karanja Earl Simmons

Source: GTSpirit