2016 Ford Focus RS to debut all new ‘Stall Recovery’ System

All-New Ford Focus RS

The next-generation Ford Focus RS has finally been announced and we are happy to hear they have some new tricks in store for us.

The new RS is set to debut with an all new ‘Stall Recovery’ system, which simply put, will allow you to restart the engine by simply pressing the clutch back in after a stall. Its a pretty innovative feature that will surely ease the frustrations of motorists around you.

The new stall recovery works similarly to that of ‘Engine Start-Stop’ technology which is also present on the new RS. As a refresher Start-Stop technology allows the engine to be automatically turned off at a set of lights when the vehicle is placed in neutral, on takeoff the starter motor picks up the slack and allows the motor to continue operation with minimal effort and emissions. The same working principle applies to stall recovery however it is not a requirement for the vehicle to be in neutral to restart, pressing the clutch while in gear is all that is required to restart your journey. Since the Focus RS is all-wheel drive sporting wide tyres there’s a high probably drivers would stall while getting used to their vehicles, this feature would definitely come in handy initially.


Stall recovery isn’t the only upgrade the RS received, the 2.3-litre 4-cylinder turbo now produces a staggering 257kW (350hp), this is attributed to the low-inertia twin-scroll turbo, sizable inter-cooler and performance exhaust. It is clear the engineers at Ford wanted their RS to be the envy of every sport driver on the road.

The new RS enters production at the end of the year and is slated to be on the Australian market within the first qtr of 2016, Asking price for the hot hatch will be $50,000 which puts this car right in the price range of the WRX STI and Golf R ($49,990 and $51,990 respectively).


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