2013 Holden VF Commodore to be launched 10 Feb

In its lead-up to the launch of the all-important Holden VF Commodore, the company has launched a nationwide scavenger hunt.

Said to be the largest hunt of its kind in Australia, 101 virtual puzzle pieces that make up the first image of the new Commodore have been hidden across the country, both physically, as well as online.

Players can register to help at www.buildthecommodore.com.au from today, where they will receive daily clues as to the whereabouts of the image. The first puzzle pieces will be released on 6 February. The conclusion of the hunt will coincide with the real-life launch of the car on 10 February.

Finders who share they find online will be entered into a prize draw to win one of the first VF Commodores to roll of the production line.

Holden Marketing Director, Simon Carr said social media offered Holden a unique opportunity to engage fans, customers and the public in the launch of the new car.

“The last time we launched a new Commodore, social media was in its infancy. Facebook and YouTube were not household names and mobile phones were for calls and texts.

“Fast forward seven years and most of us have a mobile device connected to the internet. Half of all Australians are Facebook users and social networking is ingrained in how we act as consumers.

“For marketers, it means that any new product launch can be a fully-immersive experience, but for well-loved car like Commodore, we can really take our activity to the next level.

“What better way to reveal an Australian favourite than engage our fans and enthusiasts in the hunt to create its first official image?”

The new VF, as well as its Chevrolet SS counterpart, will continue to be built on General Motor’s ‘Zeta’ rear-wheel drive platform. In its first major revision since launching in 2006, the VF is expected to be lighter and more fuel efficient, thanks to extended use of aluminium in its construction.

Most of the VF’s panels will be all-new, except for the door skins and roof. The current model’s V6 and V8 engines are set to be carried across, including alternative fuel versions such as LPI/LPG and E85-compatible engines.

Stay tuned for updates.

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