2012 AIMS: Ford Evos Concept

The Ford Evos Concept made its local debut at the AIMS this morning, showing a range of advanced technologies and a bold new evolution of the Kinetic design language.

The sexy sheet metal hides some advanced in-car connectivity like we have never seen before. The car will get to know the driver and can act as a personal assistant. For example it could automatically play the same music that the driver was streaming at home, or heat or cool the car’s interior to the driver’s preset preference before he even gets into the car.

Afterwards, it could close the garage door and switch off the lights automatically as it pulls away. It is even equipped with advanced air quality sensors and filtration systems to help allergy sufferers.

Elements of the Evos Concept also set the future design language of future Ford vehicles. It marks an evolution of the kinetic design language featured on Ford’s current range of global products.

“The Evos provides a clear message about where Ford design is heading – as part of One Ford, we are shaping vehicles that are fun to drive, have a strong visual appeal, and above all, are stunningly beautiful,” said Christopher Svensson, Design Director Ford Asia, Pacific and Africa.

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