Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback join the electron race from $137,700

Audi is set to welcome a new era of mobility with the impending arrival of its first-ever all-electric vehicles into Australia this September. The Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback will be available with two battery variants and bring a raft of innovative new technology including all-electric quattro, energy recuperation and intelligent connectivity.

The Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback utilise an electric motor on the front and rear axles, and a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery, consisting of pouch cells that store the electrical energy.

The Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback 55 quattro variants store up to 95KWh of energy, for a range of over 400km, while the 50 quattro variants store up to 71 kWh of energy which is good for 300km.

The electric motors in the e-tron models also act as an energy recuperation system, which recovers energy when the driver releases the accelerator and when the brake pedal is depressed. Audi says the system is responsible for as much as 30 per cent of the e-tron’s range, depending on the driving conditions.

Both variants be charged via a supplied 11kW AC home-charging kit, or up to 150kW DC fast-charging (120kW for e-tron 50). This fast-charging option is suitable for stopovers on long journeys, restoring 80% of charge in just 30 minutes, or a full charge in 45 minutes. The 11kW AC home-charging solution can charge the e tron 55 variants from empty to full in 8.5 hours, and the e-tron 50 variants in 6 hours.

Audi Australia is offering all e-tron vehicles with a comprehensive customer offer that includes a 6-year subscription to the Chargefox charging network. Audi is a founding partner of the Chargefox network, and the subscription provides e-tron owners with access to all ultra-rapid, and selected fast and standard, chargers within the Chargefox network. All ultra-rapid chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Additionally, Audi Australia is also offering all e-tron vehicles with servicing and roadside assistance for the first 6 years of ownership. Owners can take further peace-of-mind from an 8-year/160,000km drivetrain warranty. Any Audi dealer, within the national network of 42, can service an e-tron vehicle.

With 300kW of power and 664Nm of torque, the e-tron 55 quattro variants can sprint from 0-100km/h in just 5.7 seconds, en route to a top speed of 200 km/h. The e-tron 50 quattro variants, with 230kW/540Nm, can reach 100 km/h from rest in 6.8 seconds.

Drivers can choose from seven driving modes, ranging from comfortable to efficient and sporty. Its suspension system will also adjusts the vehicle’s ride height by up to 76mm depending on the speed and how the vehicle is being driven.

The Audi e-tron SUV echoes the latest Audi design language, with a distinctive twist of anodised aluminium throughout. The wide Singleframe grille sits between arresting Matrix LED headlights, while dynamic LED lights create a striking road presence from the rear. The e-tron features 20-inch Audi sport alloy wheels with body coloured wheel arches and side trims.

In comparison to its SUV sibling, the Audi e-tron Sportback brings its own distinctive presence with a sharper, more sporty exterior design. The sweeping roofline and contoured rear accentuate its muscular and athletic character. The e-tron Sportback benefits from some additional equipment, including aesthetic features like S line exterior package, alongside 21-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels as standard.

The interior of the Audi e-tron embraces a minimalist layout, with the dual MMI touch response touchscreens – 10.1-inch for infotainment, 8.6-inch for vehicle functions – the feature of the centre console.

Another of the e-tron’s highlight is its Virtual Mirrors which replaces the traditional wing mirrors with door mounted cameras that project live images onto small displays inside the car.

Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback pricing (excluding on-roads)

e-tron 50 quattro230kW$137,700
e-tron 55 quattro265kW$146,700
e-tron Sportback 50 quattro230kW$148,700
e-tron Sportback 55 quattro265kW$157,700
e-tron 55 quattro First Edition265kW$159,600
e-tron Sportback 55 quattro First Edition265kW$169,950

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