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Car videos for car enthusiasts. Featuring video of anything from test drives and car comparison to police chase and high speed autobahn crashes.

Starting a Ferrari Formula One engine for the first time

The 2016 Formula One season starts on the 22nd of February and many teams are undergoing pre-season testing. The Ferrari Scuderia team have released a small teaser video of their 2016 engine starting for the first time. 2016 brings similar restrictions to that imposed back in 2014; engines must not …

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Epic drag race: Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren P1 [video]

The Bugatti Veyron is always the yardstick on which others are measured, and this time it’s the McLaren P1’s turn. This epic drag race, which took place in the United States, sees the 664kW hybrid McLaren P1 battling it out with the 735kW Veyron. While the Veyron might be up …

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Retro hour: 1936 video brilliantly explains how transmissions work

In yet another retro edition of ForceGT, we present “Spinning Levers” – a training video from the 1930’s which brilliantly explains transmission fundamentals. The educational video was produced by Jam Handy on behalf of Chevrolet. It begins with a simplistic understanding of how a lever works and progressively increases the …

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On-board the Nissan GT-R GT500 with GT Academy Champ [video]

In this exclusive video, ride with GT Academy champion and Nissan Nismo Athlete Lucas Ordóñez in his D’Station Nissan GT-R GT500 Super GT race car as he blasts around the famous Fuji Speedway in Japan. Watch Ordóñez fly past everything from tour buses and Japan-market Nissan Notes, to the GT-R …

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Lexus NX driving on ice… Literally [video]

In a world first, Lexus has crafted a functional set of Ice wheels and tyres to celebrate the winter holidays. The ice wheels were created by a team of specialists and took 3 months to research, design and test. Hamilton Ice Sculptors were tasked with creating the wheels due to their …

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Maserati to compete in 2016 GT4 Championships

Maserati has announced it will compete in the international 2016 GT4 Championship, after a series of successful ‘test races’ in 2015 for Maserati’s single-make series. Over 20 cars across 10 different teams have confirmed their participation and the teams have already taken delivery of their cars and have begun to …

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Lambo and Stang go head to head in raw drift battle [video]

Set in Niigata, Japan; Vaughn Gitten takes his 410kW Mustang RTR head on with Daigo Saito’s 485kW V12 drift Lamborghini. Daigo’s Murcielago has been built by Liberty Walk and Phat Five Racing, where it underwent extensive modifications to give it the street hugging/aggressive look and performance. Vaughn runs a RTR …

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