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Test drives and in-depth reviews of some of the most popular new cars currently on the market today.

2012 Mitsubishi Lancer LX Sedan Manual Review

The Mitsubishi Lancer name plate is one of the oldest in the automotive world, with history stretching back to 1973. It also boasts a long and successful rallying pedigree, having won numerous rallies across the globe. The 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer LX sedan being tested here is the ninth-generation and was …

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2012 Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo Manual Review

A few months ago, I reviewed the naturally aspirated Veloster + and came out mightily impressed. Its seductive lines won me, and many others, over at first sight. It was a competent handler as well, that wasn’t shy of corners. However, the car’s visual exhilaration was let down by its …

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2012 Honda Civic Hatch VTi-S Manual Review

The Honda Civic Hatch has always been a car that is often overlooked in the ever crowded market of affordable small hatchbacks in Australia. With the arrival of the all-new 2012 Honda Civic Hatch however, things may change. The ninth generation Honda Civic Hatch was designed in consultation with the …

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2012 Hyundai i30 Diesel Automatic Review

The last generation i30 was a game changer for the Korean car manufacturer. It took Hyundai from a cheap and nasty brand (Hyundai Excel anyone?) to a serious contender in the mainstream car market. It set a new standard for the company, in terms of design, quality and performance. The …

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Video Review: Toyota 86 v Nissan 370z v Porsche Cayman

If there was one review that managed to sum up Toyota 86’s performance in relative to its closest rival (performance wise), then this is it. And if you are a pure driving enthusiast spare yourself 15 minutes and watch this brilliant review by Chris Harris. Following his first impression of …

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2012 Kia Sportage SLi Diesel Automatic Review

To say Kia has come a long way is an understatement. It wasn’t long ago that they were the automotive equivalent of a takeaway meal. They were cheap to buy and filled your tummy, but the food was generally uninspiring and lacked creativity. Not the Kia of the 21st century. …

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2012 Honda CR-Z Sport Manual Review

Honda CR-Z Review – 2012 Manual Sport

Sport and Hybrid, two words that have never gone together, until the arrival of Honda’s latest environmentally friendly car, the Honda CR-Z. It’s a car designed to prove two things: Hybrid can be sporty, and Sporty can be fuel efficient. Honda calls this new category created by the CR-Z, sport …

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2012 Hyundai Veloster + Manual Review

Hyundai Veloster Review – 2012 Manual

There are two ways of seeing this car. You could say it is a sporty coupé, or argue that it’s a smart hatchback. Both statements are correct. That’s because the quirky Hyundai Veloster has asymmetrical doors. On the driver’s side, it looks like a coupé with a single, elongated door. …

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2012 Honda Civic VTi-L Sedan Automatic Review

The new 2012 Honda Civic was launched in Australia in early 2012. It is the 9th generation of Honda’s popular subcompact car, slotting in between the smaller Honda Jazz/City and the bigger Honda Accord/Accord Euro. The Honda Civic started out as a small 2-door hatchback city runabout back in the …

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2012 Kia Rio 3-Door Hatch SLS Automatic Review

The Koreans are a formidable force in the 21st century. Kia, together with its parent company, Hyundai, has seen spectacular growth in the last few years. Sales are up in the double digits in the USA since 2008, and the Chinese have also taken a liking to the Korean offerings. …

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2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Manual Review

Suzuki Swift Review – 2012 Sport Manual

Car reviewed is based on Australian Specified model and may differ to that available in your country of residence. Suzuki is renowned for making cracking superbikes. Ask any motorcycle enthusiasts and Suzuki bikes are usually at the top of the list. They are fast, well built, reliable and fun. But …

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2012 Toyota Camry Altise Review

Toyota Camry Review – 2012 Altise

Car reviewed is based on Australian Specified model and may differ to that available in your country of residence. The Camry is a car that is synonymous with the three most important things in A to B transportation – Safe, Reliable and Cheap. It does everything that a car should …

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2012 Volkswagen Mk6 Golf GTI Long Term Review – Month 2

Car reviewed is based on Australian Specified model and may differ to that available in your country of residence. The Easter long weekend afforded an opportunity to take Golf GTI out on a country sprint through some twisty South Australian back roads to the picturesque seaside village of Port Elliot. …

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