Happenings: Honda S2000 Homecoming Meet

A mega Honda S2000 meet was recently help at the Honda America facility in Torrance. The event saw more than 60 Honda S2000’s taking up almost an entire section of the Honda facility’s main parking lot. The scene resembles the huge Nissan GT-R meet that was held in Japan recently, only difference is that this looks more like a meet whereas the GT-R meet looks more like a pool of new GT-R’s awaiting shipment at a depot.

Apart from the cars, the highlight of the meet is the special appearance of the man behind the design of the S2000 and NSX, Mr. Shigeru Uehara. Honda ceased the production of the S2000 two years ago but its fan base is still alive and kicking. Check out some amazing shots of the event.

Image: GoTuning


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