Event: Drift School [video]


If you love the smell of burning rubber in the morning, then you’ll love what Drift School Australia have to offer.

Hosted once a month at the Western Sydney International Dragway is a drift training event open to the public; and we think this is the perfect gift/bucket list item for any avid motorsport fan. We attended the Drift 101 class which aims to teach participants a range of drifting technique, later combined to perform proper drift entries.

Drift School Australia Silvia EvoThe day consists of 4 activities:

  • Handbrake Turns: We are taught to how to lock up the rear and catch the wheel to control our turn
  • Drift Donut: Clutch popping and precise throttle control to maintain a circular drift around a cone
  • Drift Battle: A professional drifting demonstration involving 3 vehicles in close proximity
  • Drift Entry: Combines the earlier lessons to perform drift entries around cones

The training fleet is made up of hardworking Nissan Skyline’s and Silvia’s; though we noticed many had crunchy gearboxes and spongy clutches, it was hard to keep the smiles off.

Overall, the day was amazing; an experience we would recommend to anyone with a passion for motorsport. It’s definitely something we’d be interested in doing again.