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Driver overcooks corner and wrecks his Subaru WRX STI [video]

With great power comes great responsibility, they say. So here’s a good example. A spirited drive in a Subaru WRX STI has turned ugly, very ugly in a split moment of misjudgement. On a stretch of twisty back roads, the driver of this brand new WRX STI misread a corner and carried too much speed into it, inducing terminal understeer before sending the sports sedan down a ditch and into a tree.

A completely wrecked WRX STI was the aftermath, serving as a stern reminder that no matter how good one’s driving skill is and high much performance a car has, driving at ten-tenths on public road will never end up in a good way, both for the driver and other road users. So, slow right down or head to the nearest track!

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Watch the full driving footage below.

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