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Volkswagen intends to beat Apple and Google in electric car race

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept hybrid powertrain

Volkswagen is reportedly planning to tackle Apple and Google in the race to be the electro-mobility forerunner.

As we know, the American technology giants are working on bringing emission free vehicles to the market, but Volkswagen intends to be the leader by 2025.

“Newcomers will see opportunities in the current climate, and we are not afraid to face the challenge from them,” said Volkswagen sales and marketing boss, Jürgen Stackmann.

“What’s clear is that today we have expertise in hugely complex areas, like developing engines and gearboxes, that start-up companies will not have to worry about, because electrical powertrains require a different kind of complexity. There could be a race between the hardware and software makers to find out who emerges on top in the car industry,” he continues.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept hybrid powertrain-1

According to Stackmann, he believes an industry-changing car will be launched within a decade that combines full electric powertrain with a extensive inductive charging network, a fully connected cabin and autonomous driving technology.

He said the challenge for “start-ups” like Google and Apple is making cars that meet the quality levels expected in the car industry; from 10-year durability standards to building car after car to the same levels.

Stackmann also cited Volkswagen’s large pool of 40,000 strong engineers as a distinct advantage over its competitors.

The German giant has already announced earlier this year it will be launching an electric family car with a 483km range and 15 minutes charge time that will cost less than the equivalent conventionally engine car by 2020.

Note: Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept shown

Source: Autocar

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