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Rear-drive Lamborghini Huracan reportedly headed for LA Auto Show

2015 Lamborghini Huracan white side

Earlier this year, we confirmed Lamborghini was working on a rear-wheel drive Huracan that will be more potent than the standard model.

Now, a new report indicates that the Italian supercar maker will indeed debut such a model at this month’s Los Angeles Auto Show. This follows an announcement made previously by Lamborghini chief test driver, Giorgio Sanna that the Huracan will spawn not one, but two, rear-wheel drive variants.

No details have been provided so far, but the rear-drive Huracan is expected to be lighter, with its naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 massaged to churn out more than 448kW/560Nm. We can also expect to see a more aggressive body to go with the extra oomph.

Like all of Lamborghini’s rear-wheel drive models, the rear-drive Huracan will possibly be built as a highly specified model in limited numbers, with a price tag to match.

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