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Porsche designers create soundbar from 911 GT3 exhaust


Porsche Design have revealed the ultimate man cave item, the 911 GT3 Soundbar.

The speaker is comprised of the rear silencer and dual exhaust from the 911 GT3, suspended above a monolithic enclosure containing the amplifier and control hardware.

The soundbar outputs up to 200 watts and utilises both the Dolby digital encoder and DTS Trusound signal processor to produce a virtual surround experience. The system includes a Bluetooth radio allowing users to transmit audio from smart devices such as phones or tablets.porsche-design-exhaust-soundbar-911-2.1-surround-sound-rear-control-panel

For integration into a home theater setup, devices can interface with the soundbar via traditional analog input cables or digital inputs such as coax or optic fiber. A subwoofer output is also included should customers want more bass.porsche-design-exhaust-soundbar-911-2.1-surround-sound-remote-controlThe system comes complete with a small remote control allowing the user to pair Bluetooth devices, switch between input sources, change the volume or adjust bass/treble.

The unit retails for $4,500 and is on sale now via the Porsche Design website

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