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Lexus reveals functional Cardboard Origami Car

Lexus IS Carboard Origami Edition

When you think of Origami you tend to think of the Swan, Crane or flower. However, we bet a Lexus IS doesn’t come to mind. And that’s just what the people over at Lexus have built, an functional IS sports sedan comprised of over 1700 pieces of recyclable corrugated cardboard.

The vehicle isn’t completely cardboard however, a steel and aluminum frame hides within providing the structural rigidity required to pull off such a feat. Typical of Lexus, the attention to detail is astounding – everything from the 5 spoke wheels down to the cup holders have been made from cardboard. Even more impressive is the use of an electric motor that allows it to be driven… Very slowly however. The inclusion of functional headlights were a nice touch.


Lexus partnered up with the UK design firms LaserCut Works and Scales and models to produce the impressive model. The cardboard slices were laser-cut from 10mm thick corrugated recycled cardboard and painstakingly assembled by hand, wood glue keeps the whole assembly together.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes view of the design and construction of this impressive vehicle.

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